… So the adventure begins!


I have always admired print; it has a certain sense of prestige and consumer care that just doesn’t translate into digital advertising. The Print Industry has definitely faced some tough competition in recent years, but still remains one of the most engaging forms of B2C and B2B communication. After gaining a snapshot of this industry during my time at University, I was excited and ready to learn more upon starting my new role at Ancient House Printing Group.

So, I’ve just finished my first week and what a learning curve it’s been!  Here’s what I have learnt so far:

Synchronicity is critical

I definitely underestimated the number of procedures, processes and teams involved from when a piece of artwork is submitted, through to receiving the tangible print article at the end. After spending time with each sector I quickly learnt just how critical teamwork, organisation and synchronicity are when handling the daily running of a well-established print company.

There’s a need for speed

You can never prepare yourself for the power and speed of printing presses. Here at Ancient House we have 2 Komori Web Printers which can produce over 30,000 printed items each, folded and ready for finishing in just 1 hour! Our Mitsubishi Press can produce over 12,000 printed items in this time too. I always assumed mass printing had a long turnaround time but this isn’t the case.

One size never fits all

Alongside our core printed products I never expected so many other production and finish options to be available in terms of paper, size, weight, fold and finish. The team here are dedicated to ensuring every job is a perfect fit and cost effective for the customer.

The print industry is ever evolving

New innovative machinery is always coming to market to make print even more effective, and the more repetitive tasks simple and slick. While I was observing the Finishing Team at work I experienced this first hand. The once labor intensive task of packing printed products ready for delivery is now achieved via automated ram-bundling, shrink wrapping and stacking.

Print is very much alive

Testament to popular belief the print industry is thriving! And our client base will agree that the value print has added to their marketing material and content is second to none. GQ Magazine Editor Phil Jones said at a Changing Media Summit recently that “Digital Platforms are just fast and easy marketing, the real content and value lies in print.”

My journey at Ancient House has only just begun and I am excited to see where it leads and how it evolves along the way!