40% of consumers say that post-purchase interactions can have the biggest impact in creating a memorable brand experience – Here’s why many companies are turning to print to drive this message forward.

The world of digital advertising and ecommerce has grown significantly since online banner advertising was introduced in the early 1990s. Now, with there being so many promotional possibilities available within the digital age, companies are striving to forge their own unique advertising path, and are spending copious amounts of their marketing budget to do so.

You can’t deny the effectiveness of remarketing, or the power of a beautifully orchestrated social media post, but has the digital market become too saturated to ensure your brand is impactful? The average consumer is exposed to over 10,000 brand messages per day, so how can you make your’s stand out?

The answer lies in your print material! Side stepping the current congestion of online messaging is quickly proving to be the best kept secret to growing and defining your brand. Here are a few reasons why brand identity is strengthened through print:

Consumers want the “unboxing experience”

Have you ever received an order and immediately Instagramed the packaging? The beautifully designed box, matching inserts, quirky extras and colour coordinated tissue paper all embody the “unboxing experience.” Whether this experience is from receiving a physical order or simply opening a mailed out brochure, consumers want brands to “wow” them with creative flare and innovation that leaves a lasting impression. Utilise hot foil stamping, experiment with unique papers, finishes and sizes, encourage customer engagement – throw in some confetti with each mail out! With 52% of consumers claiming to make a repeat purchase from companies that deliver premium print packaging, your Marketing ROI (along with an Instagram post) are guaranteed if you invest wisely in your brand design and presentation now.

Brand individuality is expressed through print design

With the continued popularity of online advertising and social media promotion in recent years, your Graphic Designers are probably feeling a little restricted in terms of how much impact they can make with a single social media post or web banner. But this is changing! Design Shack’s Annual Print Survey claimed that “93% of respondents have worked on print design projects in the last year.” With the “unboxing experience” being testament to this, brand creativity is ultimately being driven by print media as part of an integrated marketing solution.

82% of UK consumers have already confirmed their trust in print promotion

Do you believe everything you read online? In the digital age where fraudulent emails and pharming scams are aplenty, it appears that digital advertising is now getting a reality check as consumers question it’s credibility and trust.

There’s no denying that online advertising can be effective when strategically targeted to the correct audience. But, from a nationwide perspective consumers are finding this promotional method overused and ultimately uninfluential, with 54% claiming that online advertising now has little to no influence on their buying decisions. But, when the same consumers were asked what types of advertising does influence their desire to buy print media came out on top with 82% of the vote. Print media not only reinforces your brand identity as a credible marketing strategy, but shows a form of consumer care which just isn’t present in the online alternative.

Next time you are considering where to place your marketing budget put your trust in print – a trusted and iconic advertising solution to benefit both ROI and brand longevity!