Business update 7th April 2020

We want to start by thanking the NHS and all Keyworkers who are working so hard. Your commitment and dedication are truly astonishing. Thank you.

We also want to support all our customers who continue to do business despite current restrictions. Many of us have family commitments and worries over this current situation but continue to work regardless.

Please be assured we are still here, we are still producing print and we are still able to guide and advise.

We are following all government guidelines and put staff safety before any other considerations. We continue to protect all our staff with safe working and or homeworking options.

While our customers continue to market to their customers we will continue to print.

Email us on and we will respond asap.

Business update – 26th March 2020

In these uncertain times we want to assure you all that we continue to take our responsibilities very seriously; both to our employees and to our customers.

We are following all Government guidelines and we are open for business.

We have essential staff on site and have arranged homeworking for others.  Safety is our priority.  

We are working very closely with customers; focusing on those who have stringent delivery deadlines and ensuring we deliver on time.

We understand and appreciate the government expects the wheels of industry to continue turning. While our customers continue to need printed materials we will continue to produce; always with the safety of our staff at the forefront of our minds.  

These are the guidelines:

If any of the above is unclear or if you need further assurance please contact 01473 232777.

If you would like to speak directly to a member of our Senior Leadership Team, please call:

Allison – 01473 269605

Micheal – 01473 269602

Paul McMorrine 01473 269609

Peter King 01473 269637

Paul Sadler  01473 269628


In these uncertain times, and as business owners, we would like to assure all our customers we are working hard to manage print production through our facilities.  

We are currently working with all office-based staff and where possible we will be arranging for them to work from home. This will mitigate the spread of infection and ensure our customer service levels remain high. We are also working to protect our production staff. We are staggering shift changeovers, allowing at least half an hour between shifts – again to limit the possible spread of infection. All touch points across the facility will be cleaned during this changeover period.  

We are both ISO9001 and ISO14001Certified and as such have a fully operational Business Continuity Plan in place.

In addition to the above and the provisions we already have in place we have taken the following steps to mitigate risks:

  • Stock of vital production consumables have been increased
  • Contingency plans in place for the resourcing of production activities
  • Procedures in place to ensure essential non-production activities will continue.  This includes communication with customers and suppliers, both in terms of production and financial matters
  • Communications to all staff on the guidance given in relation to personal hygiene
  • Details of Covid-19 symptoms communicated to staff and the steps to be followed if they are suffering from these
  • Regularly reviewing local and national advice on how to restrict the spread of the disease, in addition to following advice from Industry partners
  • Additional hygiene items ordered to ensure adequate supplies
  • Non-essential business travel has been suspended
  • Encouraging only essential visits to the site.

Our company-wide operational ERP system is cloud based allowing us the flexibility of working remotely when necessary.

All our contact details will remain the same ensuring our continued high levels of customer service.

If any of the above is unclear or if you need further assurance please contact your Customer Service Manager or one of our Senior Management Team below.

At this moment it continues to be ‘business as usual’ at Ancient House.

We will keep you up to date should that change.

Allison and Micheal

Allison – 01473 269605

Micheal – 01473 269602

Paul McMorrine 01473 269609

Peter King 01473 269637

Paul Sadler  01473 269628

Keep safe.

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We are proud of our customer service standards  – whether we’re printing millions of catalogues for a national retailer or a short run of calendars for a local business, we deliver the same expert care and attention – on time and on budget.

We are committed to ongoing technological investment which ensures our print and finishing facilities rival the very best in Europe.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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