Catalogue Printing Services

Catalogues are timeless marketing tools that have such a huge impact where customer loyalty is practically guaranteed. They hold high engagement rates, are more trusted materials, and can be used to reach an audience wherever they are; at home, at work or while shopping.

Catalogue printing is the ideal way to present product ranges and get your brand in front of your customers, both potential and existing. Together with their tangibility, physical printed catalogues are much more unobtrusive compared to other forms of advertising.

Viewed as more personal than the endless scrolling of online shopping, we are proud to be catalogue printers and present multiple printing options for every client.

What We Print

Give your customers a catalogue that is worth browsing and flicking through for months to come. With our short to medium run catalogues and providing both web offset and sheet fed printing options, you can create a high-quality catalogue that has pride of place on their coffee table.

Ancient House offer:

  • Copies:  from 5,000 up to 250,000
  • Size: A5, A4, 230 x 165mm
  • Finishing: PUR bound / Perfect bound
  • Pagination:
  • A5: 48pp + cover up to 480pp+
  • A4: 48pp + cover up to 240pp+

How We Print It

Print Size

Our short to medium run catalogues deliver many options to choose from when it comes to print size. We offer A5, A4 and 230 x 165mm so you can pick the most effective size to display your products, content and reviews. With both matt and gloss paper available, your high-quality images can be printed with a sharp and professional finish guaranteed.

Perfect Vs. PUR Binding in Catalogues

To bind catalogues, we use either Perfect or PUR bound finishing. The difference between these two options is the adhesive used in the process and this ultimately decides which is more suitable for each catalogue.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is the adhesive used in Perfect binding and Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) is the adhesive used in PUR binding. Although both strong and durable, Perfect binding is more suitable for lighter, uncoated catalogues and PUR binding is better for high-weight, thicker catalogues.

As professional catalogue printers, we will help you decide which binding is best for your eye-catching catalogue.


Every business is different so we understand that every catalogue will be unique and individual too. This is why we offer flexibility in our catalogue printing capabilities and high-volume pagination in a range of different formats.

For A5 catalogues, we provide pagination from 48pp plus cover up to 480pp plus cover, and for A4 catalogues we provide pagination from 48pp plus cover up to 240pp plus cover. If you have any questions regarding your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Perfect for:

Catalogues are perfect for retailers. They are a vital tool for any retailer’s marketing strategy because it is evident that consumers love to receive them and look through them. Royal Mail MarketReach has undertaken some research and found that:

  • 73% of people performed an action after receiving a catalogue
  • 52% say they buy more than originally intended when shopping with a printed catalogue
  • 49% visited the sender’s website
  • 40% went on to make a purchase

No matter if you are a large eCommerce corporation or a small, independent retailer, catalogue printing is a significant direct-to-consumer eCommerce marketing strategy. Whether you have a predominant online presence or sell both online and offline, they are a powerful brand engagement tool that will drive consumers to your retail store.

Catalogue Printer

Working together with us, we will bring your marketing literature to life. Catalogues are an invaluable tool for marketing your products and brand, that’s why we believe in producing high quality products on time. By managing the entire process, from production to mailing direct to your customers, Ancient House are able to offer solutions to match any budget.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and consistently professional and high-quality finishes produce impactful and effective catalogues. Along with our exceptional staff, Ancient House catalogue printing services can always be relied upon.

Get a Quote

To enquire about our catalogue printing services and to see what we can do for you, all you have to do is get in touch with us.

Fill in our contact form with your details, or email us at, and tell us about your project to get a quote. Or, if you would prefer to discuss your requirements with a member of staff, call us on 01473 232777 and we would be more than happy to help.