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Scanning Agfa T5000 flatbed 5000 dpi
Workstations Two Intel Macs and Four PC Clients
Servers Six-Core Intel, 12 Gb RAM with RAID storage
Workflow Agfa Apogee Prepress software
Agfa Portal online web approval system
Proofing Two Epson Stylus Pro 9900 high res proofing to
ISO 12647-7 Standard
CTP Two Avalon N8 Platesetters

Our APOGEE Workflow Portal is PDF based. If pdfs are supplied please request our pdf specifications, for versioned products please call for file configuration. We accept source files in all major applications and digital files can be sent via email, FTP or uploaded through our Customer Portal.

FTP: Log-in details on request
Customer Portal: Log-in details on request


Two Komori system 38S 5 unit 16 page webs.
5 unit heat set web offset blanket to blanket with sheeter, inline spine gluing and rotary trimming.
Presses work on a perfector basis, printing simultaneously on both sides of the web and delivering either a folded section or a flat sheet, and consist of 5 printing units allowing 4 colours plus a special colour or a sealer.
Inline spine gluing and rotary trimming units deliver spine-glued booklets, trimmed leaflets and folded broadsheet products as finished items, ready for despatch.
Automated plate changing, CIPLink and KHS-AI auto set-up enable fast make-ready. Twin folders produce a wide range of folded product options for flexible, high speed production.
Fitted with QI closed loop colour control automatic register and ribbon control.

Cut Off 625 mm
Max. Printing Area 617 mm
Max. Web Width 965 mm
Min. Web Width 420 mm
Paper Stock Range 45 to 200 gsm

Flat Sheet 625 x 965 mm


Komori GL1040P 10 Colour Convertible Perfecting Press with Mabeg RS 104 Reel Sheeter.
10 colour, 5 back 5 perfecting or up to 10 colour printing with the option for either special or house colours, spot or overall varnish both sides in one pass.
PDC-SX Spectral closed loop colour control
Speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Mabeg RS 104 reel-to-sheet feeder enabling reels up to 1030mm wide to be sheeted to size with variable cut-off from 450mm to 720mm


Kolbus KM 473 Perfect Binder
15 station ZU 841 Gatherer with hand feeding station and static nailing
Cover feeder and Ratiobinder offering both EVA hotmelt and PUR gluing
3 knife trimmer
Counter stacker
Width: Minimum 100mm, Maximum 300mm
Height: Minimum 120mm, Maximum 383mm
Thickness: Minimum 3mm, Maximum 70mm

AMRYS automatic make ready
Inline hole punch (for punching calendar holes for example)
Two Muller Primera
6 and 4 station with cover feeder
5 knife trimmer
Perfetto stacker
Palamides paper banding

Our comprehensive range of folders provides many variations 4-6-8-12-16-32 page sections. Up to 16pp roll or concertina folds. Gate fold attachment, slitting, scoring, perforating.
Mbo B30
Folder and Palamides presser stacker
Two Mbo T960
Folder and Palamides Delta 1005 presser stacker
Max Sheet 940mm x 1150mm

Wohlenberg 115
42” programmatic guillotine with stack lift, jogger and re-stacker
Polar Ed115
42” programmatic guillotine with stack lift, jogger and re-stacker
Electronic Gluing Attachment
Shrink Wrapping
Interdibipak & Sealer
Ram Bundler