Antibacterial Printing

Although recent research indicates a very low risk of cross contamination from paper products; we are now offering an antimicrobial seal and emulsion for both heatset web offset and sheetfed offset production.

For printed products displayed in waiting areas, in libraries, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, cafes, in-flight, hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons; places where frequent touches may occur – these perceived risks can be addressed.

The antibacterial and antimicrobial silicone emulsion we use for heatset web offset production is water and non-solvent based. The addition of silver offers both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to the finished printed product. Silver is a natural antibacterial product, is natural and sustainable. We use a unique formulation and processing approach to combine silver with proprietary polymers and silicone emulsions.

Our sheetfed antimicrobial seal is a vegetable oil-based coating incorporating a proven technology to inhibit the growth of a range of bacteria by up to 99.9%. The technology works continuously to protect the product and is effective for the lifetime of the product – there is no degradation. The sealer also acts as a traditional sealer varnish protecting the product.

The colour and feel of printed materials are unaffected by either process; coatings remain on the printed substrate for the lifetime of the products.  

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