Ancient House Printing Group successfully reduce compressed air carbon emissions

As a company that is committed to minimising our environmental impact, we strive to invest in the most ethical yet effective working practices.

We are proud to be an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Registered Firm. This accreditation supports our continued efforts to promote best practice factory procedures, which ultimately improve our environmental performance.

As part of this on-going initiative, we focused our attention on a primary function without our business – the efficiency of our existing on-site Air Compressor Systems. Working alongside Alex De-Moore at Avelair Compressed Air Solutions, we analysed our current usage and pinpointed where considerable improvements could be made.

Avelair shared this information about our newest investment:

“Using our latest data logging system we analysed the onsite air consumption, pressure and status of Ancient House’s air compressors over a monitoring period. Having calculated their window of efficiencies and the variable demand (heavier reliance during the working week, and lower demand over the weekend), it was decided that three Avelair Variable Speed 45kW rotary screw air compressors, and one smaller Variable Speed 15kW rotary screw air compressor would be the most efficient and effective investment. 

The Avelair VSD air compressors, which are designed and manufactured locally in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, use inverter technology to reduce the motor speed in response to air demand, thus reducing energy consumption.  An air compressor management control system was installed and commissioned to intelligently control the air compressors and reduce the system pressure.

An Energy Efficiency Grant was obtained through Business Energy Efficiency Anglia to support the project.  The project was successfully implemented and carbon emissions were significantly reduced by over 25%.”

Neil Pratt, Maintenance Manager at Ancient House Printing Group with Paul Bell-Tye and Alex De-Moore from Avelair Compressed Air Solutions.

Paul Sadler, Operations Director of Ancient House Printing Group commented:

“This is a significant investment that will give us greater reserves of air for future expansion of our operations. Also, the energy saving statistics outlined by Avelair will help us to fulfil our obligations under ISO 14001 – 2015 and our continuing support of the environment.”