Ancient House Printing Group Receive SCA Award

We started 2020 by receiving an amazing award from SCA: A Forest Regeneration Diploma. It states that SCA have planted 19,399 seedlings on behalf of the Ancient House Printing Group. This reflects the tonnage of paper that we have purchased from SCA in 2019 and quantifies our contribution towards the environment.

By planting these trees every time someone purchases paper from SCA, they are providing a sustainable solution and positive impact on the environment; the more trees planted, the more positive impact there is.

About SCA Group

SCA Group are Europe’s largest private forest owner with more than 2 million hectares of forest. 2.6 million hectares to be exact which is the equivalent size of Belgium! They plant around 100 million seedlings every year meaning that this area continues to grow annually, as they plant more seedlings than the number of trees that are felled.

As these new seedlings grow into young trees, they bind carbon, so they have a significant impact on the environment. These forests are managed in a way that ensures they will remain rich in biodiversity and nature experiences.

The trees will be grown for nearly 100 years before they are harvested and, when they are, every part of the tree will be used. The trees will be used for wood in the future, like they are today, and the tree residue will be used as a raw material for other products.

Carbon Offsetting Practices by Ancient House

The paper industry is often seen as the ‘bad guy’ when it comes to the environment but this award, along with other eco-friendly approaches, proves and demonstrates the positive impact it can have.

We at Ancient House Printing Group are very proud of our contribution in purchasing paper through sustainable resources. In fact, over 95% of paper we purchase comes with accreditation of either FSC or PEFC which are examples of other eco-friendly approaches.

FSC is known as the ‘hallmark of responsible forest management’ by WWF, motivating forest owners to follow best social and environmental practices. PEFC provides a guarantee that the certified forest-based material contained in their products comes from sustainably managed forests. Together, we believe it’s important the wood comes from certified well managed forests and these forests continue to grow healthily with new planting areas.

We take great responsibility in making sure our paper comes from sustainable resources as this has an impact on the environment globally. We also carbon balance our paper for a number of our clients and use recycled paper when customers request.

Ancient House are proud to receive this award and to recognise that we are contributing to a long-term sustainable solution.

Here’s to more seedlings being planted this year!