Every business has a marketing strategy and the main motive behind their techniques is to increase brand awareness and get the company recognised on a wider level. Other desired results differ from business to business, but one thing is for sure: print is an integral part of any marketing plan.

Print marketing has played a vital role in business’ strategies for years now because it is tactile, effective and impactful. No matter how it is used, it will yield the results your business needs to be successful and get your brand known.

Here’s why and how print can be used in marketing strategies.

Why Should Print Be Used in a Marketing Strategy

  • Longevity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Cost-Effective

These are the three main reasons why businesses should always consider print materials in their marketing approach.


Compared to digital marketing, print marketing is retained for a longer period of time. An email, an online advert, a social media post can all be consumed but quickly scrolled past, deleted and, ultimately, forgotten about, or simply not seen at all in the digital fog.

Producing a catalogue, brochure or magazine adds value to the brand. The consumer often retains the item, to pick up, put down, consider then review, retaining the branding in the work or home space, providing a lasting, stronger impact.


Viruses, fake news and negativity, the online world can pose a number of issues. No matter if these issues get fixed, there will always be doubt filled minds of customers and consumers. Yet, the tangibility of print products doesn’t bring any of this fear.

Being able to feel the material between fingers, to fold over pages or pin it to a noticeboard, print marketing gives customers a sense of credibility to brands. This personable approach means brands are viewed as more trustworthy which, in turn, will lead to loyalty.


By posting across your social media platforms, although initially it is free, it may be necessary to pay to boost these posts to reach a wider audience. Regularly paying for online advertising and promotions will soon add up and may come as a surprise to businesses.

Identifying your target market, using design, content and personalisation within your print campaign can achieve a far greater return on investment when compared to a digital campaign. 

How Print Can Be Used in a Marketing Strategy

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Driving Traffic Online
  • Combining Print & Digital

We believe that these are three of the main ways you can use print materials in a marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Marketing

Receiving a well-produced piece of direct mail is far more effective than receiving an email. Consumers scan an email, or sometimes don’t even bother, and swiftly delete it, achieving a negative marketing impact.

Direct mail is a sure-fire way to get someone’s attention, especially while we are all staying at home during COVID-19 lockdown, as it has become somewhat a novelty. No matter if it’s a leaflet, brochure or a catalogue, consumers will take the time to read it and, therefore, will be influenced by it.

Driving Traffic Online

Similarly to the point above, receiving an email does not guarantee a visit to your website. Even if it has a special, limited offer deal flashing in front of a customer because they probably have a number of similar offers in their inbox too.

Targeted direct mail will drive traffic to websites, including great content, as well as voucher codes, will aid online sales; also adding to increased brand loyalty, which results in repeat sales.

Combining Print and Digital

One of the most effective ways to use print is to combine both print and digital marketing materials. It doesn’t have to be a choice between one or the other because they have the ability to complement and enhance each other.

Use email campaigns to tease customers to a printed treat coming through their door in order to add excitement and anticipation. Include URLs, QR codes and social media handles on printed materials so they can find businesses online after receiving them. All of these techniques can help boost brand awareness and grab customer attention.

Print Marketing Materials from Ancient House

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