Adapting to the COVID-19 ‘new normal’ at Ancient House has been a challenge, as it has for many businesses. Our site layout has been altered slightly, handwash stations are abundant, and directional signage, ensuring we all keep COVID-safe, are in place. Having said that – things ARE returning to normal, the new normal….

One question we have been asked a couple of times recently….

‘Can COVID-19 be transmitted via paper products?’

Not being infections specialists…. we didn’t have the answers…so, we did some research….

The INMA wrote:

“There has never been a documented incident whereby the COVID-19 virus has been transmitted from a print newspaper, print magazine, print letter, or print package, according to the world’s top doctors and scientists.”

“Research and guidance from the world’s leading health organisations, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), The Journal of Hospital Infection, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, suggests that the risk relating to Covid-19 transmission from surfaces is relatively low.” [1]


“Researchers at The New England Journal of Medicine found that the coronavirus lasts longest on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as plastic. Since paper and cardboard are porous, they carry the lowest potency for the shortest period of time.” [2]

We then looked to the John Innes Centre, located slightly closer to home in Norfolk…. Professor George Lomonossoff, a virologist at the John Innes Centre, had said in an interview with BBC Radio Scotland, March 2020

“Newspapers are pretty sterile because of the way they are printed and the process they’ve been through. Traditionally, people have eaten fish and chips out of them for that very reason. So, all of the ink and the print makes them actually quite sterile. The chances of [being infected] are infinitesimal.” [3]

As time goes on no doubt research will continue with regards to COVID-19 and surfaces, like paper products. But in the meantime, to cater for those whose printed matter is repeatedly handled; whether that is in waiting areas, in libraries, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, cafes, in-flight, hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons; places where frequent touches may occur – these perceived risks can be addressed.

We can offer antimicrobial seals and emulsions for both heatset web offset and sheetfed offset production. Regardless of your industry – direct mail, leaflets, catalogues and brochures can all be sealed.  The colour and feel of your printed materials wont be affected by this sealing process in any way.

If this enhanced process something you and or your customers would appreciate and you would like to discuss these coatings in more detail, please contact us:

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[1] INMA

[2] NEJM Aerosol and Surface Stability of HCoV-19 (SARS-CoV-2) compared to SARS-CoV-1, 2020

[3] Interview with BBC Radio Scotland, March 2020