For those of you with responsibility for ISO compliance in your organisation – you will be fully aware of the dedication needed to maintain processes…

At Ancient House we have a dedicated team who, in addition to their ‘day job’, ensure all procedures are followed relentlessly throughout the year. Day in, day out – 24/7/365!

We are absolutely committed to both ISO 9001 and ISO14001 processes and procedures….and when you are handed your Certificate there is a combination of elation and relief! Another audit, another certification….and so, confirmation that all the hard work pays off!

We have customers firmly in our sights as we implement and manage our processes ensuring, at all times, we demonstrate our commitment to quality and outstanding customer service.

Our robust ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) helps us focus on the important areas of our business, in the process improving efficiency.

ISO 9001 ensures we comply with the control of documents and records, internal audit, corrective action, preventive action and control of non-conforming products…. But, more importantly than that, it increases our credibility with our customers – that is priceless.

We know our ISO certified processes increase customer satisfaction; they know our products and services are delivered with consistency…. consistently!

Environmentally we are committed too…. Our ISO 14001 certification shows customers our dedication to environmental performance….we do this through efficient use of resources as well as  reducing waste.

A true team effort – headed up by our Operations Director, Paul Sadler, the entire Production team worked tirelessly to ensure our Audit went smoothly….and we passed with no Non-Conformances or Advisories! Result!

To everyone involved a huge and very grateful THANK YOU!

Well done team!